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 Having DNAS Issues with my connection

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PostSubject: Having DNAS Issues with my connection   Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:09 pm

Started having this problem since Thursday morning and still can't log in. Sometimes it says network is busy to try again, then it says authentication issues, and jumps back and forth. I've been trying to reset my router. Even cracked open my ps2 and cleaned it inside out. It reads discs again at least. If I can't get my game to go up by monday, I may have to find my reformatting disc, wherever in Gawd's name that is somewhere lurking in my basement =/.
Gonna try to log in a few more times today. But it will probably phail. Keeps freezing On the DNAS screen and wont go past that. Everything else in my house works fine so it's not the routers.
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Having DNAS Issues with my connection
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