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 Dynamis Valkurm 08/01/2009

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PostSubject: Dynamis Valkurm 08/01/2009   Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:30 pm

Dynamis Buburimu noooo.... Dynamis Valkurm YEEEESSS. Another smooth win for us. Congratulations to the new Dynamis- Valkurm Interlopers. Drops came like rain in the beginning then cooled off in the middle and picked up again at the end. To bad we used up all our time. Grats to the new -1 and relic winners.

Relic Winners

Commodore Tricorn -1- Darknesss
Argute Mortarboard -1- Ryakho
Wyrm Brias - Overkill
Abyss Sollerets - Darknesss
Koga Hakama - Brisies
Cleric Duckbills - Neosonic
Pantin Churidars - Youssarian
Etoile Bangles - Youssarian
Mirage Mantle - Kitrah

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PostSubject: Re: Dynamis Valkurm 08/01/2009   Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:45 pm

Ancient Currency

20 T. Whiteshell
30 O.Bronzepiece
29 1 Byne Bill
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Dynamis Valkurm 08/01/2009
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