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 Quetzal - Guttler

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PostSubject: Quetzal - Guttler   Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:20 pm

Upgrading Guttler (Axe) Relic weapon (still undecided on a more useful weapon for end game activities)

As 12/02/2009
Total Currency from UBH and Ultimate
300/300 (100%) ~ T.Shells ~~~~ stage II
166/1400 (11.85%) - O. Bronze ~~ stage III
6000/6000 (100%) - 1-Byne Bill ~~ stage IV
305/7000 (39%) T. Shells ~~~~ stage V (lended 3300 to Stridder for stage IV mandau)

Stage 1 ~~ O Relic Axe

Stage 2 ~~ X Leonine Axe

O Relic Axe
X Angel Skin
O Chronos Tooth
X Feather Collar +1
O 3. L. Jadeshell (300/300) (100% completed)

Stage 3 ~~ X Dynamis Axe

X Leonine Axe
X Tabar
X Darksteel Tabar
X Tabarzin
X 14 M. Silverpiece (166/1400) (11.85% completed) (traded all my previous O.bronze to Vawn for shells or bills to help with his relic)

Stage 4 ~~ X Ogre Killer

X Dynamis Axe
O Attestation of Bravery (Thanks The Ultimates)
O 100 Byne Biil x 60 (6000/6000) (100% completed)

Stage 5
X Guttler

X Ogre Killer
X Necropsyche
X Ornate Fragment
X Rimilala Ripeshell x1 (2742/7000) (39% completed) (currently trading T.shells to Stridder/Divinities/Jocie for Relic upgrade for another kind of currency)
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Quetzal - Guttler
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